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Research Notes & Updates

Welcome to the CO2 Scorecard

The CO2 Scorecard initiative supports climate policy monitoring, evaluation, and communications through user-friendly data analysis and display tools, dashboards, and research notes. This website is the first step towards our goal of bringing together on one site all of the publicly-available data on:

  • CO2 emissions;
  • Other sources of greenhouse gases (GHG) and GHG sinks;
  • Energy production and consumption;
  • Energy investment, prices and taxes;
  • Socio-economic benchmarks & drivers.

We plan to obtain these data for all countries, corporations and other entities (e.g., power plants in the U.S., EU and India; other GHG-emitting plants, the individual U.S. states and cities) that report GHG emissions.  The data will be available in user-friendly formats on a no-cost basis.

So far, the CO2 Scorecard site has more than 60 sets of country-level data on CO2 emissions, energy production & consumption, and socio-economic benchmarks from seven sources.  Learn more about our long term goals, data sets and planned data sources.

Website Content and Functionality

Within a few months after its launch in May 2010, the CO2 Scorecard has become the preferred source of information and analysis on CO2 emissions for interested citizens, researchers, journalists, business leaders and government officials.  The site provides: (1) CO2 Scorecard grades, evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of countries in meeting CO2 reduction targets, (2) dashboards for presentation of key data and analysis, (3) data display and visualization tools, (4) thought provoking policy research notes, and (5) real-time analysis of climate news.

Media and Blog Coverage

Our research notes and data are reviewed, recommeneded and cited by leading outlets (Bloomberg Markets, The Washington PostEnvironmental Finance, Hindustan Times and Scientific American) and influential blogs (Climate Progress, JustmeansSustainableBusiness.com and Greentech Media).


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Database Stats

Data Set: CO2 Emissions Year
BP (n=67)
CDIAC (n=66) 2012
EDGAR/PBL (n=198) 2012
EIA (n=216) 2011
IEA (n=138) 2011
UNFCCC (n=41) 2011
World Bank (n=198) 2010

See full database stats on CO2 emissions and energy use here. Additonally, a total of twenty four potential data sources were reviewed by the CO2 Scorecard team, which are listed here.